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by Ciara feat 50 Cent
# Debut Chart
10 Jul '07 R&B
40 Aug '07 Hot 100


[50 Cent] I'm focused man [Ciara] You should know this man [50 Cent] Yes one dose of me will have you addicted To know me is to love me I handle mah business Any City any town, touch down I do my thing I'm a hustler baby I provide by any means I'm a great conversationist, you should know what I'm about When you look at me baby you should see a way out Out the hood, out the drama, out the Bentley that's on Out the headache an stress you done been through before [Ciara] It's only been three months an I already got it bad So hood that I keep on comin' back My girlfriends tellin' me I don't know how to act But I'm tellin' them baby bye fall back He's so good an he knows how to love me But so hood an he's so heavy in the streets He's mah dude an u betta get used to things And I don't care what you say about me They say

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[VERSE] That he does it with the best, runs a lil west Padded on his chest (uh huh) I like it (so what), I like it And they say (that he's gonna hurt me) Just wait and see (but they don't know me) 'Cause I am what he wants his girl and I love it [CHORUS] I can't leave 'em alone I tried that good boy game But the dope boyz turning me on It's jus' that he know what I want So bad, I love that, I can't leave 'em alone I can't leave 'em alone I tried that game But the dope boyz turning me on It's jus' that he know what I want So bad, I love that, I can't leave 'em alone So when I had a good guy he didn't do that much for me Tried to be hard but that he could neva be Always tell me that no one could compare to me But couldn't matta when other guy was starin' at me Now the time plays back so everyone could look at me From the A to hill up in Beverly He's so fly that he knows how to carry me First class when they talk we don't hear what they say [repeat VERSE] [repeat CHORUS] [50 Cent] The more I get the more my ambition tells there more I'll move a A for that girl I'll move ahead on that boy Then I flip that (double up) kick back (cuddle up) Ya friends try to confuse but you know what My intentions are good, I can't help it I'm hood I wouldn't change if I could, you shouldn't tell me I should Baby you should take me as I am An be happy your my girl 'cause I'm happy I'm ya man [BRIDGE] I can hear your call, it jus' takes one call I'll come running, boy I promise I will be there for you All my heart it belongs to you I can't lose you, boy I just can't leave you alone [repeat CHORUS x2]


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