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1 Jun '07 R&B
5 Aug '07 Hot 100


[Intro:] J. Holiday Oo-ooh, oo-ooooh (Ay-ay-ay, Aay, Ay-ay-ay, Aay, Ay-ay-ay, Ay) Into the bed, bed, bed Into the bed, bed, bed [Verse One:] Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like Alright Okay Tonight you're having me your way Perfume Spray it there Put our love in the air Now put me right next to you Finna raise temp' in the room First rub my back like you do Right there (uh huh) right there (uh) You touch me like you care Now stop And let me repay you for the week that you've been through Workin' that nine to five and stayin' cute like you do Oh, oh, oh [Pre-Chorus:] I love it (I love it) You love it (you love it) Everytime (everytime) We touchin' (we touchin') I want it (I want it) You want it (you want it) I'll see you (see you) In the mornin' (in the mornin') [Chorus:] Wanna put my fingers through your hair Wrap me up in you, yeah And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryna put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed Then I'ma rock ya body Turn you over Love is war, I'm your soldier Touchin' you like it's our first time I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed [Verse Two:] I'm starin' at you while you're sleep Irreplaceable beauty Put my face up in your neck and breathe (Ooh, breathe) Take you into my senses Wake up it's time to finish Round two, round two Matter of fact, it's closer to three She like, "How long I been sleep?" Shawty kisses turn into the sweetest dreams Like give it to me And I can feel her tell me "My angel, this is wonderful Thanks for lettin me bless ya" Come down, fly right Drift back into heaven Oh, oh, oh, oh

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[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Watch the sunlight peak over the horizon Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh The sun ain't the only thing that's shinin' Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Now I'ma sned you out into the world with my love Tell everybody, Ay Everybody Aay, Ay-ay-ay, Aay, Ay-ay-ay, Aay, Ay-ay-ay, Ay [Chorus till fades out]


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