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2007 - Pop
# Debut Chart
64 Jul '07 Hot 100


I might be your young girl but I know how to have fun I got them boys chasing me trying to make me the one When I'm out shopping it's like having a gun Whatever I wanna get, got damn boys cuttin' up

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I know I'm a hot hot shorty But you gotta slow down (slow down) You don't know me (don't know me) If you in a hot hot hurry You gotta go now (go now), back up off me (off me) (Chorus) Ooh, Got them going crazy you see Uh ooh, head over heels for me ooh Uh ooh, weaken your knees for me boy Uh ooh, 'cause you are so damn easy ‘Cause you are so damn easy ‘Cause you are so damn easy I-am-Bow weezy Lil' mama you so fine What's it gonna take for you to be mine Now let me upgrade ya Don't listen to your friends they haters And um them guys so lame I'm way in biz they not the same I am, far from a beginner Put some on your wrist code like winter Pay no limit on the black cars Anything you want baby it's yours You now rollin' with the best baby Plus I know how to treat you lady They call me the modern day Ll Cool J All I do is write girl spells Bow Weezy hot like a sauna me and Paula Now everybody on us Holla back (Chorus)


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