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Lyrics by: Smokey Robinson
# Debut Chart
49 Nov '71 Hot 100


Satisfaction, That means, Different strokes for different folks, Oh yeah. Now, to the man who scales the mountain high, The thrill of climbing to the sky Might satisfy [CHORUS] Oh, but having my baby with me,daily, Is satisfaction enough for me. Oh, and holding her tightly by me, nightly, That's satisfaction enough for me.

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[repeat END CHORUS] Ohhh, satisfaction, Oh yeah, TO Life has shown, To each his own. Well now your satisfaction, Well may be, Anything from A to Z, Your mind is free. Uh huh. [repeat CHORUS] Oh and satisfaction, Can't be classified, Oh no. It all depends on, What you feel inside. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Ohhh, how can I satisfy, All of my baby's dreams? And keep her from seekin', Some other means, Of excitement, And relaxation? I want to be, What she needs. In every phase of life, And every situation. [repeat CHORUS 2x] [FADE]


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