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# Debut Chart
81 Oct '71 Hot 100
13 Oct '71 Adult Contemp
40 Oct '71 Country


The moment I wake up Before I put on my makeup (By the time I get to Phoenix She'll be rising) I say a little prayer for you (She'll find the note I left hanging on her door) While combing my hair now (She'll laugh when she reads The part that says I'm leaving) And wondering what dress to wear now I say a little prayer for you (Cause I've left that girl So many times before)

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Forever and forever (By the time I make Albuquerque She'll be working) You'll stay in my heart And I will love you Forever and ever (She'll probably stop at lunch And give me a call) We never will part And how I love you Together, together (But she'll just hear that Phone keep on ringing) That's how it must be To live without you would (Off the wall) Only mean heartbreak for me (That's all) I run for the bus, dear While riding, I think of us, dear (By the time I make Oklahoma She'll be sleeping) I say a little prayer for you (She'll turn softly and Call my name out low) At work I just take time (And she'll cry just to feel) And all through my coffee break-time (I'd really leave her) I say a little prayer for you (Though time and time I've tried to tell her so) I say a little prayer for you (She just didn't know I would really go) No, she didn't know I'd go


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