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# Debut Chart
33 Sep '71 R&B
93 Oct '71 Hot 100


When I was a very small boy (Just a small boy) Looked through the cornfields And wonder (oh, I wondered) If every man had his own piece of land So he'd never know hunger Oh, the time quickly rode along (Yes, it did now) I grew up And I left home, Lord knows I'm sorry I ever left I see people starving to death You walk easy, my son (easy) That's what my daddy said to me Said, you be a man And you learn all you can ?? and you'll be free Oh, I remember one rainy day back home (I remember) Sally Brown's house Burned down (yes, it did now) and Everybody had to lend a helping hand Folks came from miles around

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They didn't do this Expecting something in return They simply did it because they cared And these were the kind of folk If they had anything at all They were more than willing to share And Daddy said, you walk easy, boy (Walk easy) yeah, and when your Trouble get to falling like rain (You gotta walk easy) Hey, I want you to understand You keep on stepping, man Cause it'll only bring you cold? And now that I'm out here In this big old world I hear strange world like pollution And I see a man that needs A helping hand have to go somewhere To find his own solution Oh, my Lord, how this Whole world had changed I say, God, save us all Yeah, I hate the day that I ever came This world is heading For a great big fall And you walk easy, son (easy) Yeah, that's what my Daddy Said to me, he said You know you can't trust everyone Cause it will only bring you misery You walk easy, my son (easy) And when your trouble get To falling like rain, oh Don't you try to trust everybody, child Cause it will only bring you pain


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