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64 Aug '71 Hot 100


Oh, oh, yeah... I got to tell you something Hey, girl, let me tell you something I swear every word is true When your man stay out all night long There must be something wrong with you The other woman`s doing your job She could be Miss Pompous every day She give him good loving in the morning The evening, and the midnight hour When he need it, that`s why He never turn away Let me ask you something else If somebody can steal a jet plane Baby, right from out of the sky If you ain`t doing what You`re supposed to do Somebody will snatch your man Right out from under your eye They call it hijacking, hijacking love You never thought about Hijacking, hijacking love That`s where he goes and He gets what he needs with her Hijacking, hijacking love All you fellas Trying to get greedy Trying to have your cake And eat it too Let me tell you something It`s wrong to be one woman`s man When you`re sneaking round Making love with two Meanwhile, your woman Found a part-time love Just as greedy as you Lookie here He`s in your home, while you`re gone Doing your job better than you That`s what they call Hijacking, hijacking love That`s what I`m talking about Hijacking, they`re hijacking love Every chance he gets He`s hijacking love

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If you ain`t lonesome, out to get You better try to give Your woman a little respect Better tell her, I need you, baby Better hold her in your arms Better turn on all your charm If you don`t do it Let me tell you one thing You better get ready cause, hey If somebody can steal a plane Baby, right from out of the sky When you looked around Somebody stole your love Right from under your eye You know what they call that, boy Hijacking, that`s hijacking love You ever thought about trying Hijacking love Hijacking, hijacking love Everybody wanna hijack Hijack your love Hijacking love........


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