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Lyrics by: Bobby Goldsboro
# Debut Chart
15 Jul '71 Adult Contemp
69 Jul '71 Hot 100


There's a man I've read about And they say he lives forever When the world was filled with sin He came and brought the world together Then he left us on our own Now it's time again For him to come back home 'Cause this world is full of hate He's got to come before it's too late 'Cause we can't make it on our own And it's time again for him To come back home [CHORUS] Come back home Make the streams Flow to the valleys And take away the clouds That hide the sun Come back home Teach each man to love his neighbor And give us one more chance To right the wrong we've done If only for the children Come back home You gave us trees We cut them down Your sky of blue We've make it hazy Your lakes and streams They're dark and cold And it's time again For you to come back home [repeat CHORUS] 'Cause our time is running out And the world is slowly dying The things we've done Have all gone wrong And it's time again for you To come back home

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[repeat CHORUS] Mmm mmm mmm...... Yes, it's time again For you to come back home


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