Music Service


by Stoney & Meat Loaf
# Debut Chart
71 May '71 Hot 100


M: There ain`t no hidden treasure In this pot of gold you see. And no way for you to make No sourpuss out of me.

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F: Well I`m never ever gonna change your way I take you as you are. You got something that I want That`s worth waiting for. Chorus: What you see is what you get And you ain`t seen nothing yet. (repeat) M: I told you that I loved you Right from the very start. Now don`t you make me sorry girl That I opened up my heart. F: Well I know that I`m no angel This ain`t my first time out. But you can count on what I got Cuz what I got`s a lot don`t you know. [Cuz what I got`s what I got to know.] Chorus: (x2) M: Yeah, yeah Talk to me woman. Well you`re lookin` at me You`re gonna have me, cuz it`s What you see is what you get. F: When it`s cold I want it hot I`ve always wanted what is not. [I`m always wonderin` what it`s not.] But when it comes to lovin` you I`m yours no matter what you do. M: Oh you`re my baby, I`m your man. This is mother nature`s plan. F: Can`t you see it, it`s a fact [You`re not too silly, not too fat] Lovin` you is where it`s at. [Lovin` you is where it`s at.] M: Time to love me baby. Chorus: (x6)


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