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Lyrics by: Charles Wright
# Debut Chart
96 Jan '71 Hot 100


The first thing I said this morning It's nice to be alive But at the rate we're going How long can we survive The first thing I saw this morning Was polluted skies Some people walking round With tears in their eyes

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[CHORUS] What's the solution for pollution Brain wash, mouthwash Soda pop, Banana squash All the money we got ??? A chicken in every pot I went downtown at noontime Meet my girl for lunch There was people gathered round All in a rush Someone was making promises That he would see us through Raises the taxes a little higher And I'll take care of you [repeat CHORUS] All I want's to live in peace Lord, a place to lay my head And the freedom to roam this Earth Until the day I'm dead I want all the things for my kids I'm not able to spare The one more thing I wish for all of us Is just a little too much fresh air [repeat CHORUS]


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