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Lyrics by: Jeff Barry, Bobby Bloom
# Debut Chart
80 Jan '71 Hot 100


You're a her, I'm a him Ain't no position That I'd rather be in So, get it up, get it on Get it going fore The night is gone [CHORUS] Make me happy Do the thing only you can do Make, come on and Make me happy I'll do my best to Make you happy too

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Chicken lay, rooster crow Nothing tricky, I'm just Loving you so Sunrise, sunset I won't remember if You let me forget [repeat CHORUS] I've been up, I've been down I ain't never been turned around You make me weak, make me strong Take it easy, make it last real long [repeat CHORUS] (Make me happy) Come on and make me happy (Make me happy) Whoa, whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa [repeat CHORUS] Make, make me happy


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