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# Debut Chart
6 Feb '07 Country
68 May '07 Hot 100


(What ya got) Quit my job Flipped off the boss Took my name of the payroll (Screw you, man)

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Picked up my cell Rang my baby's bell Aid I'm three miles from home I said, sugar, why don't you Put on that sundress I like so much Wait out by the road I'm coming to pick you up. [CHORUS] (Whoa) throw your suitcase in the back (Whoa) done gassed up the Pontiac (Whoa) blasting out to Johnny Cash Heading for the highway Baby, we ain't ever coming back It's four hundred and sixty seven miles To the outskirts of Las Vegas What do you say we go get Married by a preacher man That looks like Elvis (Yeah, mama) Sugar, don't you worry 'Bout telling your mama goodbye, We'll send her a souvenier postcard From the wild side [repeat CHORUS 2x] Suey Whoa, whoa, whoa Hear that train a coming Rolling round the bend, whoa The man in black is gonna Rock your ass again Whoa, whoa, whoa


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