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by Think
# Debut Chart
23 Dec '71 Hot 100
53 Mar '74 Hot 100


(Chorus continues Underneath entire song) Things get a little easier Once you understand Things get a little easier Once you understand..... I`ll be expecting you to Get a haircut by Friday (Forget it, Dad) (That won`t change anything) Forget nothing, you`ll do as I say As long as you`re living in my house He knows I`m not feeling well And yet he doesn`t take one Second out to help his mother His only concern is for himself (Come on, Ma) (What do you want from me) Don`t argue with your mother Just shut up and listen But, Mom, all my Friends will be there (I said, no, you can`t go) But why (I don`t want you In that neighborhood) Why, what`s wrong With that neighborhood (I don`t like the kind of People living there) Why, what`s wrong with them (Nevermind) (Some day, you`ll thank me)

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Are you sure no one kept you Company tonight while You were babysitting (What`s that supposed to mean) Just curious (Admit it, Mom, you don`t trust me) Where are you going now (To my friend`s house) Don`t you have things To do in the house Don`t you have any homework Why don`t you sit down And read a book (oh, ma) Don`t oh, Ma, me You`re wasting your life Away with the foolish things (What are you talking about How about your bridge club And your ladies groups And your parties and Your daytime programs What about all that) That`s different Ma, I`ll be home at eleven (You better be home at ten or Don`t bother to come home at all) When I was your age I was working twelve hours a day Six days a week helping to pay For the food and the rent (I don`t understand, what`s That got to do with me) If you can`t figure that out For yourself, you`re stupid Hey, Dad Did you see my new guitar I joined a group (Son, there`s a little bit more To life than joining a group And playing the guitar) Yeah, Dad, what is there to life Mister Cook (yes) You have a son named Robert Robert Cook, age seventeen (yes) I`m sorry, Mister Cook You better come down To the station house You son is dead (dead, how) He died of an overdose (oh, God)


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