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by Bread
Lyrics by: David Gates
# Debut Chart
37 Jul '71 Hot 100


Freedom, keep walking Keep on your toes and Don't stop talking 'bout Freedom, get going Lots to be learned and Lots to be knowin' 'bout People, gotta reach 'em Sit 'em right down and then You gotta teach 'em 'bout Freedom, gotta win it Gotta put yourself smack dab in it

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Hey, tomorrow Hey, don't you go away Cause freedom Just might come your way Freedom, keep trying People stay alive and People keep dying for Freedom, so don't lose it You gotta understand You just can't abuse it Freedom, get moving Never gonna stop 'til Everybody's grooving on Love for one another Calling some friend And calling some brother Hey, tomorrow You're not so far away Mother freedom We'll know you well someday


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