Music Service


Lyrics by: Tony Romeo
# Debut Chart
20 Dec '71 Hot 100


It's one of those nights When you turn out the lights And sit in the dark And you say to yourself, I miss her It's one of those moods When your body broods And you conjure up her picture And you kiss her It's one of those things For the pain it brings And you say to yourself Hey, couldn't I live without it? Well, I think so, On the other hand I doubt it [REFRAIN] Suddenly she's crashing through my mind Like waves upon the shore And I nod my head, whoa yes love I'd welcome you again If you knocked upon my door If he did not seek you out love I'd track you down for sure Like a thousand times before Whoa yes love, I'd welcome you again Like you know I've done before Ah, ah, ah, ah Yes love you know I did before Ah, ah, ah, ah Yes love you know I did before

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And so it goes It's a cold in the nose It's a pain in the neck It'll make you a wreck if it gets ya And so insane 'Cause for all the rain When you ask yourself Could you Do it again? You betcha I hear a voice say You got no chance And it makes me mad And I shout Oh yeah, who said so Well of course not, On the other Hand, I guess so [repeat REFRAIN]


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