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# Debut Chart
35 Jun '71 Hot 100
6 Jun '71 R&B


I gotta kick this thing off (yeah) Can I kick it off (yeah) One, two, three, four Ain't it good to you It's good to you It's good to you Now you can lose your thing Out there running around I was talking to a Cat the other night He said what everybody Is looking for What everybody's looking for today They're looking for escape-ism Ain't it good to you You know what, I love To get down, Jack And when I get down You understand, I don't have To go into no funny bag (mumbling) say, that alcohol I can't, you understand That's the way I feel You know, I believe I'll Get down right about here Byrd, if I get down You know Byrd, Byrd's gotta Byrd's gotta, I mean Byrd's gotta out of Sight tune coming up We gotta record for him Right here, you know So were trying to get Our thing out of the way Before Byrd can get into it Byrd, can we get on Before we, is it all right Byrd, do you think it's Gonna be a hit, Byrd (Yeah, I think it's Going to be a hit) You think it's gonna be a hit (A smash) I know it's a smash I know it's a smash Cause you're in the thing, man You're saying where it's at You know it's gotta be a hit You ready, Byrd Get down Ain't it good to you Ain't it good to you Ain't it good to you

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Ha ha ha Lookie here What you say, Fred (Man, you know, you better Take it on the lam) Better watch the man I don't think they heard What you say, Fred I said, we better Take it on the lam) You better watch the man Byrd, come over here, brother Let me tell you something You think we're talking too loud (Make that fuss) I ain't got no dust I don't have to Take it on the lam (Better watch that man) Huh (Better watch that man) Watch him, yeah, all right You're right, yeah, yeah Coming from some funny places What you say, bro (What's happening, Brown) Trying to get down Well, you know, look here We can't help it (Right, right on) It ain't no alcohol Man, I dont dig it What you say, uh, Jasaan (Don't be so mean) You know I'm clean


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