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# Debut Chart
13 Apr '71 Hot 100


If my love wont pull you up & my kisses wont check your stuff Dont be afraid to let me know Bout other places, baby, that I can go CHORUS If you dont like it, dont knock it Somebody help, & dont rock it If you dont need it, dont waste it Somebody help, & dont erase it Oh baby, oh baby Its for real, dont turn you on & my will is much too strong Dont waste my time with your foolish ways Ive got other things to do with my days Goin up, movin down Goin up, all the way around town Up for once that turn you on Im the same one to leave you alone Dont knock my love, dont knock my love Dont knock my love, baby, dont knock my love Good goin, fine, its all right Dont knock my love, dont knock my love

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