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# Debut Chart
6 Feb '71 Hot 100


I go downtown And roam all around But every street I walk I find another dead end I`m on my own But I`m so all alone I need somebody So I won`t have to pretend I know there`s someone Just waiting somewhere I look around for her But she`s just not there (CHORUS) Oh, doesn`t somebody Want to be wanted like me Where are you Doesn`t somebody Want to be wanted like me Just like me I`m running free But I don`t want to be I couldn`t take another Day like yesterday I`m dead on my feet From walking the street I need somebody To help me find my way I gotta get out of this town (Out of this town) Before I do, I`ll take A last look around (CHORUS) You know, I`m no Different from anybody else Start each day And end each night

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It gets real lonely When you`re by yourself Now where is love and Who is love, I gotta know (CHORUS) to fade


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