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83 Apr '07 Hot 100


I need a little loving At least two times a day So when I call you, boy You better run here right away

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Let's have a show of hands Who's addicted to their man If I could do the things I want to you You'd be changing all your plans You wanna say I'm yours I wanna say get it You wanna say, so say I know what you're thinking, babe [CHORUS] So tell me, babe (Tell me 'bout it) Tell me how I feel (How you feel) And if the feeling's real (Feeling's real) Tell me what's the deal (Hey, hey, hey) Tell me 'bout it (Tell me 'bout it) Tell you how I feel (How it feels) And if the feeling's real (Feeling's real) Let's seal the deal (Hey, hey, hey) What you think about me And you being together Could you brink to share My cold and stormy weather, hey Have you got this under control Show me you know about a woman's soul [repeat CHORUS] I'll make you feel The way you wanna feel I love how it's real We're one in two minds Maybe it will stick You'd better be quick I hope that you heard me right Tell me, tell me 'Cause I won't wait Suspense, I just hate So spit it out now If you're feeling like I do Won't you come and do it to me Uh huh [repeat CHORUS] Tell me 'bout it Tell me 'bout it, baby Tell me 'bout it Tell me 'bout it, baby.... I really wanna know Come on now, what's your story Tell me Tell me, baby Tell me, baby


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