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2007 - R&B
# Debut Chart
37 Jan '07 R&B
78 Mar '07 Hot 100


Yeah, you know what's funny Seems every time I try To forget about you My feelings pull you back in Its crazy, 'Cause I got somebody else And you got somebody else. But you and I both know, What it really is But still You know what I'm saying, B Ran across a picture you took of me And you crossed my mind I still hear you saying you love me When I close my eyes If I didn't go away to school Then where would we be Probably still together And somewhere happy If I'm supposed to be moved on In a new relationship strong Then why are you still haunting me They say [CHORUS] If you love something, let go And if it comes back Then that's how you know I got to the stoplight Then I made four rights Now I'm back where I started, And you're back in my life The further I go The closer I get back to you I say I moved on Till I'm reminded of you Can somebody help me Help me get out of this circle (Out of this circle) I drove past your house the other day, I didn't even mean to I went the wrong way I ain't seen your mama in a while When she looked at me, she smiled And asked me if I'm doing okay Took everything I had Not to bring up your name And wonder if you came home For the holidays, yeah She asked if I could stay awhile 'Cause you had come in town And you were just five minutes away

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[repeat CHORUS] Now everybody that's listening to this, If you got the person That makes you wonder what if Let me hear you say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah)... Say yeah (yeah)... Oh yeah (oh yeah)... If you understand how I feel Then grab that person now To let them know what's real Let me hear you say yeah (yeah) Yeah (yeah)... Yeah, hey... [repeat CHORUS]


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