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Lyrics by: John Wilkin
# Debut Chart
81 Jul '70 Hot 100
19 Jul '70 Adult Contemp


Rain on my Sunday shoes Pick up the daily news Looks like tomorrow's blues But it's better than none

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Call on the telephone Knowing that he's not home I'll put on the Rolling Stones And I can have me some fun Start up a flight of stairs Stand up and comb your hair Try not to change things More than you can withstand Get into something new That's made for a year or two Pick up the pieces Where you think they might land Every day goes Another day's gone Hate to say so But I'm getting older Day by day Take off all your clothes Stand up and wipe your nose Cry for your daddy You lost so long ago Jump on another plane Today it's all the same You can catch me in Boston 'Cause that's how it goes I'm here in Apartment 21 Stop by and have some fun Say how you doing You old son of a gun Look at a photograph Lord, don't it make you laugh All those changes But what have you done And I say la la la la..... Sit down and write a song Wait till the days grow long And wait for the autumn wind To blow me away La la la la......


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