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# Debut Chart
46 Mar '70 Hot 100
15 Mar '70 R&B


I could write a book About the way you hurt me About you left me now And filled my heart with misery

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You could have made the chapter The one I was after Filled the whole book with laughter But, girl, you chose to go I don't know why Heaven knows I could write a script About how you changed my life The script would be so hip It might even win a prize Girl, you've been a life line A once in a lifetime love affair But you didn't read it To see what it needed I don't believe you ever cared I'm gonna make me a play About how you went away And said you were going to stray The play would make Broadway And I bet it would run For about a thousand days Cause people would say You misused, Lord, you abused me The whole world would see That I love you alone Hey, you walked off the stage In such a rage I wonder what in the world Did I do wrong I'm gonna make me a movie And it's gonna be so groovy My name would be filled to the brim People would say, take a look at him There he stands with a broken heart You're gonna have a real heavy part People will be in the audience crying tears They're gonna make it the reel of the year I know it's gonna get a nomination Girl, cause you're getting a standing ovation You really turn me on..........


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