Music Service


by Smith
# Debut Chart
43 Feb '70 Hot 100


Too many people talking In too many different ways Looks like the politician's Got it sewn up today But a hundred years from now Where are they gonna be So whatever's making you sad today Won't matter when you leave CHORUS Take a good look around you Don't let the world bring you down Take a look at yourself Let a smile replace a frown Trouble is something we got too much of Tryin' to find something new Rivers and rainbows, God's creations Out there waiting for you Get up on your feet, get 'em to move Take a holiday from the blues Swim in the river, fly over the rainbow What have you got to lose (chorus)

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Take a look at the good that could Make you glad you're livin' Take a look at you and me There's more love we could be givin' If it's love that's making you sad Then it's not the love you need Love is supposed to make you happy Go out and find the love you need Get up on your feet, get 'em to move Move 'em on down the line Let your love go for everybody Don't you think it's about time? (variations on chorus)


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