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by Guy Drake
Lyrics by: Guy Drake
# Debut Chart
6 Jan '70 Country
63 Jan '70 Hot 100


Well, I've never worked much In fact, I've been poor all my life I guess I really own is Ten kids and a wife

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This house is a lived in mine But it's really a shack But I always managed somehow To drive me a brand new Cadillac Backdoor steps They done fell plum down Front screen door's off and laying Somewhere out there on the ground Wind just now whupped another piece Of that old tar roofing off the back Sure hope it don't skin up that new Cadillac Front porch ?, they're loose at the bottom It don't make no sense to fix them Cause that floor just too darn rotten Wintertime, we sometimes have some snow That blows in through the cracks It gets too bad, we just all pile up Sleep out there in that new Cadillac I know the place ain't much but I sure don't pay no rent I get the check the first of every month From this here federal government Every Wednesday, I get commodities Sometimes, four or five sacks Pick em up down at the welfare office Driving that new Cadillac Some folks say I'm crazy And I'd even been called a fool But my kids get free books and All them there free lunches at school We get peanut butter and cheese And, man, they give us flour by the sack Course, them welfare checks They make the payments on this new Cadillac The way that I see it These other folks are the fools They're working and paying taxes Just to send my youngins through school Salvation Army cuts our hair and Gives us the clothes we wear on our back So we can dress up and ride around And show off this new Cadillac But things still gonna get better yet At least that's what I understand They tell me this new President Put in a whole new poverty plan Why, he gonna send us poor folks money They say we gonna get it out here in stacks In fact, my wife's already shopping around For her new Cadillac


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