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# Debut Chart
41 Jan '70 Hot 100


They ask me to forget about you Go out and find someone new But that won`t be eas`, you see After all the things you`ve done for me Told the men I ain`t too proud to say With you I stand tall and strong `Cause without you, girl, I`m nothin` at all

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CHORUS: How, how can I forget ya? After all you`ve done for me Oh woman, you`ll always be a part of me I, I can`t forget you It`s impossible, you see Woman, you`ll always be a part of me Girl, I`m down on my bended knees And I`m beggin` you please, beggin` you please Woman, woman, don`t set me free `Cause right this moment in the sun My life was wastin` away Girl, your love gave me hope and strength You`re the reason I`m alive today Girl, you don`t realize what your love means to me It`s more precious than the evergreens (repeat chorus and fade)


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