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# Debut Chart
16 Nov '06 Country
86 Feb '07 Hot 100


Well, up in the backwoods Down in the holler Old boy's feeling like A dog on a collar Keeping that chain pulled tight Waiting on Saturday night Put on the smell good Put on Skynyrd Head into town Like a Nascar winner

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Cruising back and forth To the Tasty Freeze Everywhere you look All you see is [CHORUS] Hillbilly deluxe Slick pick up trucks Big timing in a small town Stirring it up right about sundown Black denim and chrome to the bone With a little homegrown Country girl cuddled up Hillbilly deluxe Yeah, couple kids Sweet things driving a fast back Shoot 'em a coon smile Hoping that they smile back Hey, baby, what's your name Burn a little rubber When the red lights change Here come the blue lights Here come Barney Hide all the beer, y'all Let's move the party Gotta go But that's all right Do it all again Next Friday night [repeat CHORUS 2x] Hillbilly deluxe Hillbilly deluxe


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