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1970 - Pop
Lyrics by: Danny Janssen
# Debut Chart
24 May '70 Hot 100
3 May '70 Adult Contemp


Well, I got up this morning And I said good morning, Mr.Sun I've been looking through The raindrops much too long I need someone

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I can tell you where my mind's at If you'll please just take the time Cause it's such a lovely morning Won't you walk with me And talk with me while, Mr.Sun I've been running all my life now In search of something I can't find I've been chasing rainbows They're just visions in my mind There's a lot of lonely people Just like me who need someone You see, everyone needs a friend To walk with and talk with Sometimes, Mr.Sun Hey, Mr.Sun You can change the night to day You can chase away the rainbows They're just illusions anyway When I'm standing in the rain You can come and be my friend You can make the storm clouds break And let the sun shine through again And tomorrow when I'm dreaming Of some mountain I will climb You can tap me on the shoulder Whisper to me from behind Please remind me of the yesterdays I tried but all alone You can tell me That's its time again To walk with you And talk with you while, Mr.Sun


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