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Lyrics by: James Brown
# Debut Chart
32 May '70 Hot 100
2 May '70 R&B


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Baby, here I come Baby, here I come Baby, baby, baby, baby Baby, baby, baby, yeah Baby, here I come Baby, here I come, hey Baby, here I come I want you Good God, to sit down Put your hand across your lap Get yourself together I'm ready I'm ready, hey Sit down, baby And put your hand Your hand across your lap Let me sit down And listen to my rap I wanna write, good God The Soul book, so good Baby, I wanna cook Baby, yeah Now, baby, lookie here I wanna tell you bout The book I wanna cook Good God Get down in the pot I said my body getting hot Yeah, I don't have A whole lot left, good God

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But I can do my thing Get back, my bad self Now, baby, sit down, sit down Listen here, lay your Hands across your lap Get ready Listen to me The brother got the rap I want the band, the band To take me to the bridge Take me to the bridge Take me now Got to, got to, got to..... Hey, hey, hey Baby, good God Hey, lord, lord, lord... Put your hands across your lap I wanna rap I got to what I do For me and you Let me, let me, let me Get next to, baby Get next to you Let me get, let me get Let me get, let me Let me, let me get Next to you, baby Now, Maceo, brother Brother, now brother Maceo Grab your horn March over here, brother Brother, brother Maceo Grab your horn and march over here I wanna, I wanna, I wanna Wanna watch you blow Good God, so I can go Before I go, come on, Maceo Lookie here now Lay your horn across your lap, brother Yeah, brother Me and you, just the two Me and you, me and you You know, you know You know, you know........ Play, little brother Good God Put your horn in your lap Good God, Maceo Now brother, lay your horn Lay your horn right there In your lap, lookie here Lay your horn in your lap Let the brother back up And get the thing together I wanna rap I said, baby, up in here Whoa, baby, whoa Here I come, here I come Good God I'm standing in the back My soul is heavy, good God My body getting hot Baby, baby, baby My body getting hot Dong dong dong....... Lookie here It's your thing, your thing Thing, thing, thing Thing, thing, thing Take your thing, take your thing It's your thing, it's your thing.......


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