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Lyrics by: Tom Baird
# Debut Chart
17 Dec '70 Hot 100


There's nothing you can do, girl There's nothing you can say You're talking to the sky, babe I just got to get away, yeah

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Got to hear the wind song Singing in my ear Got to get it on, girl And I'll never make it here [CHORUS] 'Cause the wind was my mother The highway is my brother I was born to wander And it's time for moving on I was born to wander Turn around and I'll be Gone, gone, gone I'm just following my heart, girl And it's following the sun Looking for an answer I know may never come But I gotta chase my dream, girl Like a river to the sea Got to find a rainbow That's waiting there for me [repeat CHORUS] Gonna move Yeah, I was born to wander I said I was born to wander Yeah, born, born to wander (Born to wander) Born to wander (Born to wander) Got to find me an answer (Born to wander) Not a thing you can say (Born to wander) Just gotta be this way (Born to wander)...


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