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1970 - Pop
Lyrics by: Laura Nyro
# Debut Chart
21 Jan '70 Hot 100
7 Jan '70 Adult Contemp


You ole fire, I'm mad with desire You're my favorite one You got me cooking with the fever Got my love running for the sun Uh uh huh, running for the sun [CHORUS] I feel so high, I feel like I may go blowing away (Blowing away) blowing away Blow, blow, blowing away (Blow, blow, blowing away) My well meaner My day fancy dreamer Oh, what can it be Well, it's something like a power Like a hold and it's holding me Uh uh huh, and it's holding me [repeat CHORUS] Blow, blow, blowing away My long laster My soft-hearted master Ain't been born and bred But he's standing in my doorway In my mind up above my Up above, up above my head, Up above my head, up above my head I feel so high, I feel like I may go blowing away, blowing away Blowing away, blowing away

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Blow, blow, blowing away Blowing away, blow, blow, Blowing away.....


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