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Lyrics by: Mark Farner
# Debut Chart
97 Dec '69 Hot 100


Hey, Mr. limousine driver, Can I ask you a favor, please? Let her in my door and don`t look back here no more, I know you can do it with ease.

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Although, we`re on our way from the show, And you don`t like to get off the track. Please, Mr. chauffeur, let`s talk things over, `Cause she says she loves me and that`s a fact. Can you hear what I`m sayin`, it`s not like I`m prayin`, You know, because you`ve done it before. So, why make me wait, please don`t hesitate, Just get back here, and let her in my door. Hey, Mr. limousine driver, I know you know where it`s at. Too late will be later, you just read your evening paper, And don`t worry `bout what`s goin` on in back. Hey, Mr. limousine driver ... Hey, Mr. limousine driver ...


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