Music Service


by Ed Ames
1969 - Pop
# Debut Chart
21 May '69 Adult Contemp
92 May '69 Hot 100


Ba da da..... Well, I`m the son of a traveling man And though I`m partially shacking Railroad whistles and freighter horns Turn me on, on unpacking Seattle, Savannah Orlando or anywhere Chicago, St. Louis Sheboygan, I`m going there Though I know that I love you And the feelings so good If you love me too ????? Count em forever We can have a ball together But if ??? comes a heaving I`ll be splitting Tacoma, Pomona Don`t know where I`m heading for There`s one thing I`m sure of Just as soon as I get there, baby I`ll be feeling like Taveling on once more

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Baby, now that you understand There`s no reason for sorrow That I`m the son of a traveling man Here today, gone tomorrow From Boston to Charleston Wherever the four winds blow I`m restless, I`m ready There`s a rainbow for me to follow Anywhere that it leads me I must go Milwaukee, Muskegon Miami, my heart is there Atlanta, New Orleans Columbus or anywhere Biloxi or Philly.......


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