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91 May '69 Hot 100


My my my, my my my y'all You know my wife she's a nurse, y'all She go to work every night at a quarter to ten She said, "Mask, I don't want you hanging over at Bill's apartment You better be home when I come in." Then my dog sat down and grinned his teeth And then my cat lay down by the door She said, "If you don't dig what soul mother said You ain't gonna be sleeping around here no more." "Well what are you doing shaking like that?" I'm scared of my wife, my dog, and my cat "I said what are you doing shaking like that?" I told you I was scared of my wife, my dog, and my cat I'm too good to them three for them to treat me like that "What are you gonna do about it then?" I'm gonna put on my [?] My fifty dollar shoes My crazy hat I know they like it like that And then I spit out in the hall I heard ol' Bill call He said, "Come on over, Mask, we really having a ball You ain't got a thing to lose, we got a table full of booze And all kinda food." Then I slid on down the hall with a smile on my face There was pretty girls sitting all over the place "Were they fat?" Fat as a country possum stuffed with sweet potatos "I want to know, Were they fat?" I told you they was fat as a country possum stuffed with sweet potatos With their miniskirts on and their crazy sweaters It took me two hours to get myself together

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"You know your wife done told you about them young girls, old big-eyed Rover." You know my wife don't know some things like that will never hurt her I want a sandwich "What you want on it?" I'll take a couple of those pigs feets over there Two or three of those hot rolls Some of them greens with that fatback in it And some of that potato salad And I'll try some of them chilli dogs if you don't mind Lord, having a good time Good god, yeah Having a party Having a party y'all "What are they doing in there now?" Man, they doing a dance They call it Squeeze Your Knees, that's what they doing Old Bill fell out on the floor, You know what he said? He said, "Lighten up on me baby, please." That's what he said Then one looked in the corner Said "Mask, what's wrong with you? There's a brand new dance, you can do it too Then I got up in the fold, and got into my act My old lady bust through the door Then she touched me in the back She had my German police dog with her The one I raised from a pup She sicked that monster on me, man That was just too much He tore off my crazy suit And I run from under my hat And when I slid out in my apartment door I got [?] "You better watch out For your wife, your dog, and your cat." What what what you doing? What you trying to do? What you do? Tell them to leave me alone Leave me alone


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