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Lyrics by: John Fogerty
# Debut Chart
45 May '69 Hot 100
15 May '69 R&B


I know a lot of you folks Would like to know what The old Proud Mary is all about Well, I'd like to tell you about her She's nothing but a big old boat You see, my forefathers Used to ride the bottoms of her As stokers, cooks, and waiters And I made a vow that when I grew up I'd take a ride on the old Proud Mary

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And if you'd let me I'd like to sing about it Looking for a job in the city Working for the man Every night and day And I never lost One minute of sleep Worrying about the way Things might have been Big wheels keep on turning Proud Mary keep on burning Y'all just rolling, rolling Rolling on the river Been a lotta places like Memphis And I had a lot of fun Down in New Orleans And I never saw The good side of the city Til I took the ride On a river boat queen Big wheel keep on turning and Old Proud Mary keeps on burning Y'all just rolling, rolling Rolling on the river Can't you see I'm now Just rolling, rolling Rolling on the river If you come down to the river Bet you gonna find The people who live You don't have to worry If you don't have no money People on the river Are happy and funny Big wheels just keeps on turning And the Proud Mary Keeps on burning, burning Rolling, rolling, y'all just Rolling down the river Come on, y'all Look at her just rolling Kind of easy like I know some of you never seen A big boat like the Proud Mary But I just want you to imagine In your mind that we're standing All down by the dock of the bay And here we go, here she comes Clear in view, watch her now Everybody, rolling, rolling Rolling down the river I just want you to help me Just rolling, ooh......


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