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Lyrics by: Bobby Goldsboro
# Debut Chart
46 Apr '69 Hot 100
14 Apr '69 Adult Contemp
22 May '69 Country


You knew I could not stay for long When you asked me to come over In the wee hours of the morning

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I said I could not let The sunrise catch me sleeping And that is why I've given you fair warning And though you might have Loved me like I never, ever Have been loved before Your front door is open And I've got to keep on moving So I will stay with you a while And then I'll let my hitchhike thumb Take me to where I wanna Because I've got to keep on Searching for the dream That I've been seeking Since I left my Oklahoma And who's to say but That I might be back tomorrow If I find there's only sorrow You may see me from your Window sill next morning [CHORUS] I'm a drifter And I've seen the rain I'm a drifter And I've felt the pain The pain that comes with loneliness So I drift from town to town Seaching all around Looking or the answer to my sorrow And if the answer is you Then I'll be back tomorrow Let's make the most of time Before the break of day But don't try to make me stay If I don't want to Because I've got to Keep on searching for that dream And you can't bind me with the Simple words, I love you But if I realize the dream That I've been searching for Is waiting here behind your door Then I'll come back to stay If you still want me to [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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