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# Debut Chart
56 Apr '69 Hot 100


Ooh, baby, we’ve tried love’s recipe Added each ingredient tenderly A little bit of you, a little bit of me And we’ve got honey love

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Gone are the clouds That darkened your sky Gone are the tears I used to cry Cause we’ve got H-o-n-e-y Honey, honey love Oh, darling, every life needs Sugar and spice sometimes Each kiss adds a little sugar Just a pinch of spice Ooh, we’ve got a love divine One day we’ll put the icing on top The very day we tie that knot Ice cream soda, ginger ale pop Hey, it’s sweet as honey, honey Honey, honey, honey (Honey, honey love) (Honey, honey love) We’ll take a little sunshine, one loving cup Just a little sunshine and you brighten up We’ll have sweet tomorrows Cause with love and tender care We’ll build a sweet cottage for two With all the tenderness love can do A little bit of me, a little bit of you And we’ve got honey, honey Honey, honey, honey We’ve got it, baby Nothing can ever come between us Cause we’ve got honey, honey Honey, honey, honey


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