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95 Mar '69 Hot 100


I met this girl at a down home church (Uh uh-huh) And everybody called her a school teacher (Uh uh-huh) I worried ????????? You know frankly to death Until I got a chance to meet her He said the Melinda don't drink no whiskey (No) He said the innocent thing don't drink no wine (No) But since I'm here to rob a bank In this great big city She come home to him all the time She's talking about a cussing and a fighting Screaming and a hollering A swinging and a missing I ain't gettin' no kissing She keep the water hot All in that park I think me and this girl better part (Are you still asleep in there?) With one eye open (I said are you still asleep in there?!) I told ya, with one eye open 'Cause if I close my eyes I might lose my life! Man, you don't know my wife! (What is she doin' to you now?) She go to bed every night Yeah she do With her fists all uptight Look at her Jumpin' in and out of the bed Hollerin' "come on masked man, I'm ready to fight" That's what she says

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Then she runs to the kitchen And get the water hot She missed me with the water But she caught me with the pot She picked up now the biscuit And I gave the dog a bite He been barking at the moon And acting goofy all night (Well why don't you call the law?) Man he's married to my mother-in-law (Nah!) Look at her, look at that Look what she's trying to get rid of me Look at that, puttin' hot salt in my blueberry pie I ain't goin' for that And look at that She thinks she's going to do in somebody Look at that putting glue in the gravy Tryin' to get me to shut my mouth I ain't gonna stop talking I'm gonna tell everybody about this thing Yes I am (What has she done to ya now?) She's cooking me a meal Yes she is, and it's called the monkey stew That's what she done She said, "Come here masked man. I mixed up this stew just for you." That's what she said Then when she turned her back I gave it to the cat He slid out the door and ain't never came back He stand up in the alley With a brick in his hand He grabbed the fool dog in the collar And like wasted my man (Gotta keep on sleepin', with one eye open) What! what! What'chu trying to do?! (Gotta keep on sleepin', with one eye open) What'chu do?! what'chu do?! (One eye open, one eye open)


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