Music Service


by Gloria Walker & The Chevelles
Lyrics by: Gene Davis
# Debut Chart
98 Jan '69 Hot 100


I was born to be deserted It was written in my life grain yeah If my soul had been converted Maybe then - maybe then I could come in, yeah Now listen My mama didn't want me as a baby So she left me - she left me home to die, yeah But I grew up to be a lady With still some time - some time I sit and cry, yeah

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????????? Be mad And my heart was filled with joy But I always been deserted And now I was marrying this young man Oh yeah And we became engaged and set the date Preparations had been made Oh yeah Now I'm ???? and maid of honor All the newfound plans had been laid Called me wife at the altar Oh yeah, don't desert me Please, please baby Don't desert me Oh no, oh yeah, don't desert me Please, please Please baby, don't desert me Don't desert me Please baby [FADE]


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