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by Ray Charles & Jimmy Lewis
Lyrics by: Ray Charles, Jimmy Lewis
# Debut Chart
77 Jan '69 Hot 100
21 Jan '69 R&B


Wait a minute, Jimmy Listen here (I'm listening) As I was waking up this morning (Well, well) oh, Lord You know I felt pretty good Yes, I did I began to stretch and yawn (What for, Ray) Just to see if I could (I can dig it) All at once I got a funny feeling That something around here Was going on wrong So you know what I did, Jimmy (What) I got up and I began to look All around for my baby (Was that it) That was it, you know the woman Had packed up and gone (Oh, Lord) That's why I say If everybody went to Heaven Hey, hey, hey I believe I'd miss the call But you see if it Wasn't for bad luck, Jimmy Trying to tell you, son If it wasn't for bad luck, no, no Oh, oh, I wouldn't Have no luck at all Would you believe I wouldn't have no luck at all Look here, Ray You think your luck is bad Listen to what happened to me All right (now listen now) Got a tip on a horse Someone gave me, hey, hey Pawned my last suit to make the bet (No, you didn't) yes, I did Put every dime I had on him (What) listen You know he ain't showed up yet Oh, tell you I got So disgusted now (yeah) Said I'll go back home And sleep some more (Yeah, that seemed like The right thing to do) But by the time I got back to my room Are you listening, Ray? (Yeah, yeah, I'm paying attention) You know the landlord Had padlocked my door (Why, that dirty) Tell you, a slow horse And a fast woman Hey, hey, hey, Lord They sure did let me fall That's why I say If it wasn't for bad luck, children Hey, if it wasn't for bad luck, y'all Oh, I wouldn't have no luck at all Oh, Ray, listen I wouldn't have no luck at all But wait a minute You ain't heard nothing yet Let me tell you what happened (Tell me about it) I decided I'd go out walking (Say what) mmm hmm And you know even that failed (Now how can a walk fail, Ray) Because some man snatched A woman's pocketbook Way across town (say what) Yeah, and uh Guess who they put in jail (Do tell, do tell) Jimmy, I just can't understand it (I know what you mean) I know there's got to be Some kind of explanation (There's got to be There's got to be) Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord I ain't done nothing wrong So tell me why I'm doing Two years probation (Man, I don't know I got the same trouble) They got me having to Walk a chump line (say what) Oh, with my, with my Back up against a wall (That's tough, Ray) That's why if it Wasn't for bad luck, children Oh, I tell everybody if it Wasn't for bad luck, no, no I believe, I believe I would have no luck at all I just wouldn't have no luck at all Lookie here, Ray Let me tell you something Now you know You know about this here (Yeah) You know I was Sitting home one evening, well I didn't have a thing to do (Yeah, I know how It can be sometimes) So I thought I'd go out dancing You know (yeah, yeah) And do a little of that boogaloo (I, I kinda like that myself)

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Finally, I got myself A partner now (yeah) But old Ray, wouldn't you know (Something musta happened bad) Some man said, you got my woman, boy (Uh, oh) Oh, Lord, and he stood About seven foot four (oops, oops) As they walked away I stood there Feeling kinda sad and kinda small That's why I say If it wasn't for bad luck, children Whoa, if it wasn't for bad luck, y'all now Hey, hey, hey, we'd have no luck at all Hey now, yeah, I say we Would have no luck at all (I can dig it) Jimmy, I want you to tell me About that seven foot fou What did you do Well, Ray, anytime a man Is seven foot four and You messing with his woman It's time for you to go (Oh, yeah) Lord have mercy (I, I, I, I can understand it It made you feel like you Wanna holler a little bit) Made me feel like I wanna ahhhh oww Yeah, man When I run into that situation Makes me wanna cry A little bit like this, ooh hoo


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