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Lyrics by: Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff
# Debut Chart
21 Dec '68 Hot 100
6 Jan '69 R&B


Say man, they tell me you Think you're pretty good Don't you know you're In my neighborhood

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They tell me you're Pretty fast on your feet So I want you to meet me at The dance hall on Market Street You hear [CHORUS] Hey, hey, there's gonna be a showdown Hey, hey, there's gonna be a showdown Showdown, oh, yeah I've got ten notches on my shoes When it comes to dancing I just can't lose They call me the top Cat in this man's town So I want you to meet me Before the sun goes down [repeat CHORUS] All the girls Are losing faith in me Don't seem like top cat's Great as he used to be I know I'm good So you better be better When you get out on the floor You better have your steps together [repeat CHORUS] Now my reputation has been One of the fastest men alive So I'm gonna see how good you are When I count to five (One) oh, man, you better step (Two) you can do better than that (Three) man, will you move aside (Four) and let me get out here (Five) and do my jive [repeat CHORUS 2x to fade]


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