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# Debut Chart
20 Jan '69 Hot 100


Got to tell you true I got to tell you true Oh brother Jack you goin with sister Sadie When you ought to be home with your old lady But your hearts divided in so many pieces Tryin to please them both Never pleasing neither Oh Jack take it on back

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Before your good thing is gone Because the downfall of too many men Is up keep of too many women Take care of your homework fella Because somebody will, oh yeah You better take care of your homework, fella If you dont somebody will Now wait a minute here Oh brother Fred how you can run Staying out all night leaving his homework undone Now Freds old lady took as much as she could stand Then one night the next door neighbor Taken her in hand Now fellas let me tell you These girls are getting hip You can only slide so long Before you make a slip Take care of your homework, fella If you dont somebody else will


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