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# Debut Chart
34 Mar '69 Hot 100
5 Mar '69 R&B


Oh, when I first said I was leaving Girl, I didn't think I would Have to stay gone so long Oh, but now five weeks have ended And I just realized that I did you wrong (CHORUS) But just think, y'all I thought I was a big thing But apparently she thought not There must be something that I'm missing Or is it something that she's got Oh, baby, what is that You got now, baby

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Oh, I thought I had your mind right Cause this is what you led me to believe Oh, but now I'm the one who's uptight And, baby, I'm the one who's got to plead (CHORUS) All your sweet loving, baby Is, oh, so devastating to a man Oh, but just like black magic. baby I'm no fool but I couldn't understand (CHORUS) It makes me wanna cry, baby Baby, I love you Oh, baby, oh, baby


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