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# Debut Chart
24 Mar '69 Hot 100


Ahhh, ooooh This is the way I always dreamed it would be The way that it is, oh, oh When you are holding me

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I never had a love of my own Maybe that's why When we're all alone [CHORUS] I can hear music I can hear music The sound of the city, baby Seems to disappear Oh, and I can hear music Sweet, sweet music Whenever you touch me, baby Whenever you're near Loving you It keeps me satisfied And I can't explain, oh, no The way I'm feeling inside You look at me We kiss and then I close my eyes and Here it comes again [repeat CHORUS] I hear the music All the time, yeah I hear the music Hold me tight now, baby I hear the music all the time I hear the music I hear the music, aahh [repeat CHORUS]


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