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37 Aug '69 Hot 100


Okay-a Here I Go Again? Here I Go Again! Here I Go Again, okay, whatever you say You got it-ah-hm Hooo-hooo-ooo Ah that was beautiful who said that? Saw you there, and your laughter seemed to fill the air Ah baby A scent like perfume from your lovely hair I scent that I, I, I do-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo adore Um my heart said to me Don't walk head on into misery Hey with your eyes wide open can't you see? A hurt's in store just like before Ooooh-ho but here I go again walking into love Here I go again never thinking of the Danger that might exist Disregarding all of this just for you Wooo I ignored the detour sign I won't stop until you're mine

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I'm past the point of no return... baby You walk by (You walked by-yi!) And I said to me, myself and I-yi-I Now we've got to give it one more try-I I know somehow the time now, right now-ow Oh-whoa-oh Oh-whoa here I go again walkin' in-in to-oo love Here I go again walking into lo-ove Here I go Here I go Here I go Here I go again.....


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