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3 Feb '69 Country


Kaw-Liga was a wooden Indian Standing by the door He fell in love with the Indian maid Over in the antique store Kaw-Liga, yo ho

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Well, he stood there Said he never let it show 'Cause he could never Answer yes or no, no, no [CHORUS] Poor old Kaw-Liga Well, he never got a kiss Poor old Kaw-Liga He don't know what he missed Is it any wonder that his face is red Kaw-Liga, that poor old wooden head He always wore his Sunday feathers And held a tomahawk The maiden wore her beads and braids And hoped someday he'd talk Kaw-Liga, ha Well, he stood there As lonely as can be Cause his heart was of An old pine knotty tree [repeat CHORUS] And then one day a wealthy customer Bought the Indian maid He took her, oh, so far away But old Kaw-Liga stayed Kaw-Liga, yo ho Well, he stood there 'Cause he could never Answer yes or no, no, no [repeat CHORUS]


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