Music Service


by The Goodees
Lyrics by: Fred Briggs, Don Davis
# Debut Chart
46 Dec '68 Hot 100


Condition red Don`t you come over tonight `Cause mommy & daddy don`t approve Of you & me getting too tight `Why doesn`t he get a haircut?` `Why doesn`t he shave?` `You know he used to be such a nice looking fellow before he grew that awful beard` That`s what my mama & daddy keep saying to me And every time they down you boy I`ll try to make them see That, though your hair is long And your mustache`s in the sky For me, you`re the right guy Condition red Baby please stay away `Cause I don`t know What mommy & daddy might say It`s gonna be hard for us To keep on lovin` this way But I got to keep seeing you boy No matter what they say

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No matter how they down you boy And say you`re not my kind I`m gonna love you honey Till the end of time `I guess we`ll have to meet down at the corner from now on` `That look in your eyes` {sound fx of motorcycle starting} `Where are you going?` `Can I go with you?` `Hey take me with you` `Don`t go away mad` `Darlin` just come back` `Don`t you see that, I just don`t care what they say` `Take me with you` `Honey` (Yes my love for you...) `I need you` ( so strong) (And I love you...) `Hey there`s a car` ( much) `Watch out for the car!` {sound fx of car skid & crash} `Oh no!` {sound fx of police siren} `Don`t leave me` Condition red I`ll never see you again Condition red Condition red


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