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# Debut Chart
42 Nov '68 Hot 100


Let me tell you baby, I sure know how to please a woman, yes I do now Now I can make you feel better than you`ve ever felt before, yes I can now Now when I start lovin`, women hate for me to stop A whole lot of men envy me for what I`ve got Ow! I`m a man & a half; that`s what I am, a man & a half

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Now look here When I walk, the birds & the bees stop lovin` & look at me now, look here When I talk, the whole wide world listen to my words, huh I`m a man like any other man, I say without a doubt Wow, what makes me different is the hand that knocks women out I`m a man & a half; I`m trapped up in one; no brash, just facts Only once in a lifetime a man like me comes along Shakespeare wrote poems about me even before I was born Thunder gave me a lift & lightnin` knocked on your door Your chance in a lifetime, woman, might not have a number To be loved by a man and a half, hey that`s what I am, look here A man, a camel went across the desert & there was no one in sight Let me tell y`all one thing: the camel died tryin` But your man & a half is here lovin` you tonight Good God, I`m a man & a half, a man (shouting) ...& fade


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