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by Joe Tex
Lyrics by: Joe Tex
# Debut Chart
61 Oct '68 Hot 100


He was the best marble shooter That lived in the whole darn town He never played in a football game Where he scored under five touchdowns No, no He could run the 100-yard dash In nine-five baby, yeah Once a house caught on fire And he went in and saved All seven people's lives [CHORUS] He was the one most likely to succeed But a room full of trophies and silvers ain't what you need, no You need yourself a man, girl You need me baby You need me baby He was given the key to the city When he left home goin' to college Now he already had an A+ average but He felt that he needed a little more knowledge, ya

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People were at the train station Some cryin', and some brought him lunch And I watched the ones that were cryin' And baby you were right in the middle of the bunch [repeat CHORUS] I think you need me Oh! I'm just a man that loves children Oh baby, you told me that you love children too Didn't you baby Oh, huh Now I know I can't run the hundred-yard dash as fast as he can, baby But I know I can provide for you And four or five children too, yeah Now he ain't ever comin' back for you baby You read what the paper said He called this a little one-horse town Full of jive people, huh I think it's success goin' to his head Now he didn't even think to write you bitty postcard baby Woo-hoo, try to see through it baby And stop trying to be so hard Now listen I know he was the one most likely to succeed But listen baby A man full of them high-follutin' ideal isn't want you need, no It's just a man, baby I'm putting my vote in for me Ow! You need me baby I'm gonna vote for myself baby


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