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95 Aug '68 Hot 100


I'll turn the world around When love is bound for Those rockabye days

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[when memories FADE] Down rockabye way Oh give me yesterday, now Let me play around That old cabin door Bring childhood nursings upon me Give that me that ???? ???? Oh, swannee, your black ???????? Oh, Mary, I'm pleading with you Just think of lullabyes ?????? In the eyes of Of rockabye days Bring back those rockabye baby days Oh, oh my Mary Why, I wanna go back to that land where you came from I wanna sing about it ????????????? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? Oh Mary, why your black sheep are blue (????) Oh swannee, why I'm longing for you Just sing of those lullabyes A ????? your rockabye baby Bring back those rockabye baby days


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