Music Service


by The Soul Clan
Lyrics by: Don Covay
# Debut Chart
91 Jul '68 Hot 100


[The Soul Clan was and R&B SuperGroup: Solomon Burke, Don Covay, Ben E. King, Joe Tex and Arthur Conley] Is Arthur here? [AC]Yeah. Is Joe here? [JT]Yeah I'm here. Where's Solomon? [SB]Right here. I see Don comin' in now man. Come on in the door Don. And here come Ben E. with him. There's Ben E. King, come on. Hey may, Joe's packin' up his bags man, Where you goin' Joe? I'm goin' back to Baton Rouge man. I thought you had a good thing going. [Joe Tex] I ain't got nothin' going up nere in New York man. Listen Cause the rent up here is much too high. And I'm just barely makin' enough money tryin' get by. Listen. I can't see paying all of my bread. For a room that's got a broom and bed. Listen. Leave me alone Cause I'm beat you'all I know down on Baton Rouge I can sleep at ease?

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Ben E. King what you doin'? [Ben E. King] Look here man, I'd like to go but let me tell ya one thing. Listen Joe, I'd like to go. I've got a sweet little girl that lives next door. You know we, We've made a date. I can hardly go down south and make her wait. I've been to Louisiana. I've been to Jacksonville. But I finally found the darlin' that makes me say I will. Come here darlin'. [Don Covay] Try to remember When I made that song called Mercy. My woman had her bags packed up on the bed. I looked around and said now Baby don't leave me If you do, baby I know I'm dead That's why I am tellin' you Joe Last time I went south I came back to an empty house And I cried, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Alright there Wow Yeah alright Come on Sol. Take it Sol. [Solomon Burke] Listen everybody I want you just to clap your hands one time and listen to this. Nobody gonna make me stay at home. Honey, don't you ??????? telephone ?????? goin' on. I'm gonna sing my soul song Sell love potion Ah honey from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. And don't you know If you don't like that I'm just gonna sit on my phone and say to Get over Get over Like a big fat rat now [Arthur Conley] That sweet soul woman, she's all right That sweet soul woman, that's what I like She's all right So dog gone sweet I'm gonna stay right here and let me little love shine What can I do? What I can say? When you got a woman's lovin' you that's pleaseing you this way. [vocal extro FADE]


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